Why would you want to build a deck, screened porch or sunroom in the winter?

  I got up this morning with a temperature of 15 degrees and 9 inches of snow in my backyard.  The deck is buried under the snow.  I am probably not going to step out and fire up the grill.  It’s pretty easy to see why most folks don’t call Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad this time of year to have an outdoor project built.  I don’t blame them.  Yet some people do call us, and they’re the smart ones.  Could it be they know the top 5  reasons to build a custom outdoor project in the winter?

1.  The wives of our carpenters will thank them.  Why?  It keeps their husbands from sitting around watching soap operas and whining about nothing to do.

2. The waiting list is short. In the nicer months, when everyone wants their deck or screened porch yesterday, we can get backed up as far as 12 weeks.  Yikes!  In the winter we’re usually good to go as soon as we get the permit.

3.  If you’re getting a wood deck, winter is the absolute best time to build.  Decks built in the summer get subjected to the intense heat of the sun.  They shrink, splinter and crack quickly.  Decks built in the winter get to cure slowly, and will out perform summer built decks over the life of both

4.  When building a sunroom, you will enjoy the outside from the warmth of the inside.  Just look at that beautiful snow!

5.  You’ll save a lot of money!  Lumber prices are less in winter, our crews don’t want to stay home, so we give you the deals!  Check out the special offers on our website.  Then be one of the smart ones and call us today.


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