Will a deck really sell my home?

New deck


Every year Remodeling magazine puts together a survey/cost analysis of major home improvement projects, and how much money the homeowners expect to recoup from their investment when they sell their home.  In today’s buyers market, it goes beyond curb appeal.  Homes are scruntinized on all aspects.  A well designed deck will recoup 75% of  its cost right up there with a kitchen remodel or siding replacement.  Before potential homebuyers would focus on the kitchen or location of the master bedroom.  These days they also want to see what is happening in the backyard and if there is a deck or screened porch.  Outdoor living spaces are buzz words .  Just watch a little HGTV.   

So, if you are putting off that outdoor project–do it now!  Replace/refurbish an old deck; build a new one or turn that screened porch into a 3-season room or sunroom. You will enjoy it while you live in your home, and will get a great return on your investment when your are ready to sell!  

p.s.  See Archadeck at the Triad Home & Garden Show this weekend and we’ll help you get started!


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