Wood decks rebound.


Pressure treated wood deck

Pressure treated wood deck


In the deck building business we are seeing a rebound in the use of pressure treated lumber . Wood decks and railings have lost market share to composite and synthetic decking material each year for the past ten or so years, based primarily on maintenance and performance benefits.  Now it looks as if the trend is moving the other way.  Wood decking is competitively priced and the troubled economy has consumers more price conscious than ever.    

“Lumber prices are at all-time lows, and the gap between the cost of pressure treated lumber and composites is the highest it’s ever been,” notes Dick Gauthier, Universal Forest Products.  Wood decking is a better deal these days and with the  new ”  heat-treated” wood decking ; wood products are making more headway. Also, next generation preservatives are giving a boost to good, old pressure treat wood decking.    

Dennis McWhirter, Exterior Wood, agrees wood decking has never been better.  “With the advancement and durability of today’s stains and sealers, consumers are moving back to the tried and true wood products;  cedar and treated decking,”  McWhirter says. ” We are seeing renewed interest in the use of tropical hardwoods for decking as well.”  Ipe and other tropical hardwoods have slightly more maintenance, but do give a bigger wow factor .    

Homeowner’s wish for quality leisure time and outdoor living in the backyard has certainly not diminished especially now the phrase “staycation” has become part of our vocabulary.  It  seems a better financial decision for homeowners to invest in an outdoor building project  particularly out of wood and “staycation” these days than opting  for the cost of traveling.  Wood decking can help make your home more livable  and increase its value.


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