Top 5 Reasons to Build a Screened Porch in 2010.


Archadeck Screened Porch


Thinking of building a screened porch this year but unsure?  These are crazy financial  times and many folks question if a home improvement will add to a home’s  ROI(return on investment).  The fact is;  most of us will stay in our current home longer than ever before.  Improving your home and adding quality to your life is a good thing.  The climate in our part of NC is ideal for a screened porch( don’t yell at me, I know winter is holding tight).  The calendar reads March and Spring is official on March 20 and summer will rush in. Believe it and read my humble top 5 reasons to build a screened porch this year.   

  1. Relaxation. Step outside.  Sit down and enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Shade.  Cool air under the ceiling fan.
  3. Nature sounds.  No bugs particularly the flying kind.
  4. Fresh air.  Not recycled AC.
  5. Quality of  life.  Improved.

There are lots of other reasons and I could go on.  I’ll just say Archadeck is the largest builder of screened porches in the nation and we design screened porches that fit your lifestyle and the architecture of your home.The 6th reason might be Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad is offering a fabulous special offer on our website.  Check it out and give us a call.  We aim to get that quality of life improved.    

Screen porch for relaxation.


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