Do I want a pergola, arbor, trellis or what?

Outdoor garden structures


Today we are optimistic and sure warm weather is almost here.  So let’s  talk about adding details to an already existing deck.  At our Archadeck office in Greensboro, NC  we get  potential customers calling to ask about certain garden structures.  Primarily the need is for shade.  Is it an “arbor”?  What is a “trellis”?  “Pergola”?  “How to you pronounce that again”?   If you have a deck with a southern or western solar orientation that means one thing , HOT.   The Summer sun (even the Spring sun) glaring down all day is likely to overpower an awning or table umbrella.  A simple pergola or arbor can offer comforting shade without feeling confining.  If you add a polycarbonate roof (think Lexan) you achieve a sheltered spot  from the rain and by adding a tint to it you increase further protection from solar rays.        

Pergola with Polycarbonate
You might have a deck with plenty of natural shade-but no character.  A fix for this problem is an open framework overhead matching the architecture of your home.  To further define the space and add punch, you can combine features such as planters, ceiling fans or seating.  With thoughtful placement of the open framework, there is the possibility for future enclosure of the area for use as a screened dining room.
Too many decks are sterile or bland, and others just seem uninviting and bare.  There are many ways to makes decks more hospitable and functional.  You can easily enhance your deck by adding details,  You know those outdoor things pergolas, arbors. . .  Your simple deck can become a space where you want to hangout and spend your weekends.





2 thoughts on “Do I want a pergola, arbor, trellis or what?

  1. I love this article about adding more to existing structures. My backyard is covered with trees that never stop dropping pine cones and pine needles on my deck. I don’t want to lose the outdoor feeling by screening it in. What do you recommend to add to my deck to fix this problem?

    • A pergola with a polycarbonate roof and presto no more pesky pine debris. Plus when it rains instant cover and lovely rain sounds. Plant an ornamental vine to grow up it and you create a lovely outdoor room to relax in. You might also consider adding an open framework roof with possible future plans to screen it in for an outdoor living room; then no pesky bugs. Thanks for the comment! The photo on our blog is the back of our home. Love my pergola. Spend hours out there.

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