Spring Deck Cleaning.

Today the sun is shining and the air is actually warm.  That’s 3 days in a row with more to come. Adding to the encouraging positive  signs that winter is trickling away.   Remember the old saying about March?  The lion and the lamb?  Let’s take the position this year March came in like a lion with the last of winter weather and will leave like a lamb with warm sunshine.   Hopefully, I will not eat my words at the beginning of April.    Daylight saving time officially begins March 14th, and with the extra hour of light comes the opportunity to get home from work and actually have outdoor time.  To sit on our deck and relax.  However, some of that outdoor time involves spring cleaning and yesterday I spent some time cleaning my deck.  Now for many years folks have thought that composite/synthetic

Synthetic Deck

Synthetic Deck

decks were maintenance free .  I contend that nothing is maintenance free.  Would you leave your car outside for a couple of years and never wash it?  Hm -mm maybe some of you shouldn’t answer that.  Synthetic decking is low maintenance but needs a good cleaning just like your kitchen floor.  Wood decks involve more care and maintenance .  Ipe and other tropical hardwoods can be left alone and they will age to a silver patina.  Pressure treated wood decks  are another story. There are lots of DIY home owners who can tackle cleaning and sealing their wood decks.  It’s not too difficult.  Just check online and read a few  of the numerous articles before you get started. Doityourself.com is a great place to start.   There are even environment friendly deck cleaning agents

Pressure- treated Wood Deck

available.  For the rest  of us it probably pays to hire a reputable deck cleaning company to do the work .  Check with your local  Better Business Bureau first.  Your deck with proper cleaning and maintenance should give you years  of  quality outdoor relaxation.


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