Outdoor Living and Savoring Spring.

Savor the Outdoors!

Who can resist the impulse to  enjoy the onset of Springtime weather and think about outdoor living and entertaining? A reality check might occur that when you survey the remains of winter’s detritus in your yard; you flinch.  You feel overwhelmed, but like your mother and elementary school teachers always warned you, organization and planning will get you ahead of the game.  First you walk out the backyard door and survey.  Step back and take it all in.  Look up, down and all around. Take in all the hardscaping, the landscaping, and the outdoor furnishings, etc.  Some areas may look great, other parts not so much.  Make a list you can refer to and check the item off after each completed task.  By doing this; the job won’t appear so overwhelming.  Roll up our sleeves and start.

  • Trash the junk.  Anything that has lain in your backyard and weathered for more that a season should be thrown or given away. Items such as broken pots, planters filled with dead plants, old toys, leaking hoses, inside stuff that got dragged outside and forgotten,  DIY projects that have never been completed or look terrible.
  • Make some repairs.  You can handle minor structural issues like loose boards on your wood deck, torn screens on the porch, popped up nails on your wood deck stairs.
  • Time  for some serious cleaning if your outdoor furniture is grimy.  Also for seemingly hopeless furniture; a can of spray paint can work wonders if it’s wood or metal.
  • Clean that greasy, dirty grill and restore it to its original shine with a little elbow grease.  Get in the habit of cleaning the grill after each use, so the dread burned on crud stays away.
  • Look at your landscaping and do some quick fixing up.  Fill in some bare spots  with new plants or flowering annuals for color.  Renew your existing planters with new soil and trim-up existing plants.  Purchase some interesting hanging baskets.
  • Hose or sweep it down.  Nothing looks messier that your sidewalk, porch or deck covered with last fall’s leaves.  Drag out the hose and give a quick clean after your sweep.

Voila your outdoor living space is in order and looking great.  Call the gang to hang out and start savoring the season.

You deserve it.

Ready to Party!


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