The Porch

Porch. The word paints a charming picture;  summer evenings, the smell of grass, kids laughing. . .  You see it too.  No matter what the size of your porch it can pack a punch. Front, back or side of the house, we all would love to have a screened porch or even better a sunroom.  Some of us only have room for a small open porch or just our front porch.  Perhaps the front of your home is just a stoop with no covering; not big enough to put a couple of chairs. Or perhaps you have a big enough stoop but no roof to shelter your guests or yourself from the rain. A few additions to a porch can make a huge difference.

Here is a simple  suggestion that works.   Stand out in the front of your house and really look at it as if  it was not your house. Then ask yourself these questions. Does your front entry fit your house?  Does the door work with the rest of the house or does it date the house with its style and/or color?   Look at your lighting.  Is it outdated or in poor shape.? Does your porch have a railing?  How about columns or a roof?

You can easily update your existing porch by adding a few details. Outdoor porch lights are easily replacable with new fixtures.  There are lots of affordable great looking fixtures available these days at your local home improvement stores. Don’t forget to consider landscape lighting too.  It can really light up your home’s appeal.  Many porches are only a few steps off the ground and do not need railings by local building codes.  A couple of items to consider.  It only takes one misstep to fall and railing are a safety feature. Plus a custom rail can add great style and curb appeal.  Dress up your existing porch with pediments, columns, and moldings. A new front door (or even giving your front door a new coat of paint) can really help. Consider painting the door another color like a bold red.  Other touches to consider; new house numbers, a unique door knocker or door bell can add some pizzaz.  Hanging baskets with trailing and flowering plants or lovely planters for some ornamental shrubs. Oh, and of course the landscaping., the right landscaping adds to great curb appeal.  Drive around some neighborhoods and check out what other homeowners have done.  The highest form of flattery is, of course, imitation with your own personal touch.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.  If you’re  thinking of building a porch; please give us a call at Archadeck and we will be glad to help you add a porch you will enjoy, plus  add charm and curb appeal to your home.


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