Hot Weather Outdoor Living

The hot temperatures outside don’t have to be an issue and keep you indoors.  We are so acclimated to having the AC blasting during these “hot spells”; we forget that lots of us grew up during a time when central air conditioning was not readily available.  Most families sought outdoor living to escape the long hot summers;  sitting, rocking on the front porch, watching the fireflies come out and visiting with the neighbors.  In our “gotta have it now” world so many of our summer memories are just that, memories.  I wonder what the young generation of today will reminisce about when they think of their summers.  Sitting in front of the TV or computer, playing a video game?

I still enjoy sitting outside in the evenings under our shade pergola with the fan stirring up a little air, reading, sipping a cold drink and chatting with my spouse.  You are really fortunate if you have a screened porch with a ceiling fan to escape the insects and the sun.  I think retreating to the outdoors and sitting on you front, side or screened porch is great idea.  Bring out a couple of portable fans, give the kids a popsicle and turn on the sprinkler.  The kids won’t complain and you’ll enjoy watching them play in the water.  You just might want to run through the sprinkler a time or two yourself.  In other words, if you have outdoor living space use it, enjoy it and stop having “reverse cabin fever”.  Reclaim your youth and summer. When you walk back in the house you might even feel chilly because of the air conditioning setting, and go a little green by setting up the temperature a degree or more.

Don’t waste time complaining about how hot it is.  Try to find some ways to recapture those summer memories.  Besides before you know it winter will come and you’ll be wishing for hot weather again. 


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