Outdoor Living, 19 Minutes and Boosting “Me Time”



Just 19 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in a day according to the U.S. Bureau  of Labor Statistics is all the average American spends time really relaxing.  “What about watching television you say, isn’t that relaxing?”  Well, not really because while you are sitting on the sofa, you are not really feeling nurtured by watching the boob tube. Real relaxation has become something of an art form or talent for us.  We all have continuous ongoing emotional issues in life and that might not be the single cause of illness, but certainly contributes.  Life pressures and unresolved feelings can become a major contributor to our bodies distress and health issues. “Personal and global economic events can easily create havoc with our health.  This troubling reality emphasizes the importance of finding a safe place to allow oneself to feel nurtured,” observed Dr. Harriet Haberman, practicing psychotherapist and author of  Emotional Wisdom:  A Compassionate Guide to the Messages  Hidden in Your Feelings.

I have to ask the obvious question is 19 minutes of relaxing “me time” enough?  I don’t think so.   Most folks I talk with are experiencing large amounts of stress; whether familial, financial or other.  Shouldn’t you have a place in your home to escape the stress that surrounds you?  Aging parents living  with you and kids rebounding home create extended families living under one roof.  This brings difficulty in finding a tranquil spot to get away from it all to achieve that “me time.”

Quiet relaxation zones on porches, decks and backyards give a highly desirable residential sanctuary.  Stressed out homeowners are seeking ideas on how to create and escape from the chaos and pressure of the world around them.  The backyard can become a Zen oasis.  Gardens, water features, hot tubs, shade structures, porches and more are popular solutions to allow an individual  “escape.”

Creating a personal oasis in your backyard can increase those 19 minutes of “me time” no matter how busy and complicated you life is. We all should look for and share ideas on how to create and escape from the increasing stressful world we experience daily.

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