Morning-Glory Pergola

Morning Glory Pergola


Just had to share with you the pergola in our yard and the gorgeous morning-glory vine that has grown there.  Every morning those bright  blue morning-glories embrace the sun’s rays and when I look out at them I wish I could share it with the world and then I realized “Eureka” I will include some photos in  my Archadeck blog.  The pergola the morning glories are using  is a former home show display we used for several years and retired it to our yard.  Notice the rocking chairs,  they are a favorite destination on  the evenings the outdoors beckons.  This pergola has wood composite decking,  fiberglass columns, and tropical hardwood rafters.   

It has sat out in the elements fo 5 years and been cleaned only once.  I think it looks great and it gets a bunch of use. I am sure it will last many more years and give hours of relaxation.  Simple outdoor garden structures like this can add so much to your personal oasis.  We are all experiencing  the stress of living in uncertain times; some us unfortunately much more  than others.  This little pergola is a place of comfort and serenity for us, a small escape hole when you need some peace.   

Next time I’ll tell you all about the moonflower vine on the other side of my deck and the Carolina Sphinx moths that adore it.    

Hope you enjoy the rain and all the ways it help the garden.

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