Moonflowers, Moths and Outdoor Living



Remember in my last blog I mentioned I would tell you about my moonflower vine and the moths that love it.  The vine is right off of my deck and every night as the sun sets and evening’s twilight begins, the moon flower opens for that one night only.  They are pretty spectacular and I look forward to their show every night.  Our cats also love moon flowers, not for their beauty but for their appeal to a very special type of moth,  The Carolina Sphinx. These lovely moths hover around the moonflower trying to drink all of their nectar. 

It is great to have a deck with benches for the cats to sit upon and watch the moths and contemplate thoughts of capture.  The cats may not have paid close attention to this summer’s nightly phenomena if they could not sit beside the vine on the bench(don’t worry the moths are the fastest moths I have every witnessed and the cats are enthralled but too lazy to pounce).
I stand in awe of Mother Nature.  All I have to do is plant the moonflower seed and then sit back on the deck and watch it bloom with a fabulous nightly show.  It beats a  lot of things I might spend time and money on that would not give me this incredible enjoyment.
The cats love it too.


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