Sunrooms and Wacky Weather.

2010 has been a year of crazy, wacky weather.  First the coldest and wettest winter in history, the summer of more 90+ degree days than I care to remember and now the warm, dry fall with chilly nights.  Not that I am  complaining(except about the dryness).  It is interesting sitting outside as the sun sets and feeling the temperature drop so quickly that you wish you had on a coat,  the weather seems more reminiscent of a desert climate instead of the Piedmont Triad of NC.

 These chilly nights are harbingers of the wintertime to come and instead of golden warm days and cool nights just down right plain cold.  It is the right time to consider how you would like to continue experiencing the outdoors through the winter months and, of course, for us at Archadeck that means sunrooms.  Ah, a warm sunroom to take away winter’s chill and bring some summer brightness back.

 I mentioned in an earlier blog,  how to create a sunroom out of a screened porch and so on.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT TIME to build a sunroom or create a sunroom out of a screened porch.  A sunroom adds so much to home and family life.  It often becomes the center of family life during winter months, adding value and increased square footage to your home. 

Archadeck has helped folks visualize  and create beautiful sunrooms in seemingly unbuildable situations.  I don’t know what else to tell you but to give us a holler and see what we can do for you and yours to help enjoy the winter from your warm and cozy sunroom.

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