Even with Outdoor Structures You Get What You Pay For.

These days people want the lowest price more that ever. They seem to forget the old adage  you get what you pay for. It might seem like a great idea for your budget to accept the lowest contracting bid for your new outdoor project, but that can be like shopping for fine china in the discount store.  You might find something that works temporarily, but you end up saving money in the long  run by spending for quality now.  Quality remodeling companies want to stay in business and work hard to please their customers.  These are the companies that are still around years down the road and they get there by offering  quality products, strong warranties and using highly skilled carpenters.  It is not surprising that lowest bids on a project often involve cheap materials and unskilled or poorly trained workers. 

Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad has operated in the area for 20 years.  We are A+ members of The Better Business Bureau.  We custom design and custom build. We have the strongest warranty in the business.  We maintain  an office at New Garden Village in Greensboro.  So when you are ready to have that new outdoor structure designed and built remember to contact us at Archadeck to help you achieve your dream.  We are still here and ready to get started.

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