Create More Outdoor Living Area. Add a new deck, or redeck the old.

Not so long ago decks were built out of wood only, period end.  Then you had the tried and true pressure treated southern yellow pine and a few different choices in wood like cedar or redwood.  Today while pressure treated decks are still popular; composite decking has grown in popularity.  Many  homeowners want maintenance free, and while nothing is truly maintenance free, there is low maintenance and composites fill that bill.   

We still build with pressure treated lumber and it can make a great outdoor living space.  Let me show you an example of Archadeck custom designed and custom-built deck incorporating some of the Archadeck  elements.  This deck is constructed out of pressure-treated wood and includes diagnonally-run decking, parting board, custom wood rails and octagonal shape.  It also is multi-level with a lower deck and bench stairs that leads you out into the yard.  Instead of one big  long rectangular deck; this home now has several deck spaces creating a more interesting and usable structure to enjoy outdoor living.

Another  popular decking material today  is composite, and here at  this Archadeck office we prefer Azek.   In fact we like it so much that when we were choosing the material to build the deck on our home we chose Azek.  We picked the gray Azek decking boards and used white Azek boards to face the deck stairs and around the outside of the  deck to accentuate the white columns of the covered shade pergola.  We also built floating benches; another design element Archadeck incorporates.  We love the way it looks.   The great thing about Azek is the variety of colors and the ways you can combine them to suit the style and architecture of your home and come out with a fabulous looking outdoor structures that will be the envy of your neighborhood.  

I’ll show you another great example  of an Azek project and how it compliments the back of this home and creates such a fantastic looking outdoor structure.   This deck uses  Azek brownstone and we have used aluminum pickets for the railing.  Azek has come out with even more color choices and when you combine them and  add custom rails you create an outdoor structure unique for your home.


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