Get the Shade You Need With a Pergola or Covered Porch

Well, doesn’t it seem like Mother Nature enjoys fooling with the weather.  We had a fantastic early Spring and jumped straight into a boiling early Summer.  Today on the first official day of Summer it feels like we had already arrived there weeks ago.  Right now the number one complaint we hear from our customers  is they can’t use their deck, patio, porch etc. because the sun is too hot  and they bake.  Now you can always plant some lovely shade trees and wait a few years for them to mature or you might consider another solution.

Let Archadeck build you a shade pergola or put a roof over that sweltering deck,  patio,  porch etc. so you and your family can enjoy the heat without the burn.  We will custom design and build  a new structure to blend and accentuate your home’s architecture and landscaping.  Archadeck can build out of pressure-treated wood or low maintenance materials.  Add a ceiling fan to stir the air and create an outdoor oasis to retreat to even on the hottest days of Summer.

  Oh,  and for you folks lucky enough to have a deck over the walk-out lower level your home.  Archadeck can even waterproof the underside of that deck and create a finished ceiling and viola instant cool retreat.  Oh, and we will even screen it and now no bugs!  Just a few ideas to think about from your friends at Archadeck.


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