10 Best Reasons to Convert Your Deck or Patio Into a Screened Porch.

A deck or patio  is great and could become even greater  becoming a screened porch.  If  you already have a deck or patio it is possible for you to convert  that structure into a screened room that will definitely enhance the quality of your outdoor living.  There are many many reasons to build a screened room but I tried to narrow it down to the 10 best.

                                              1.  No pesky bugs.

                                              2.  No rain on head.

                                              3.  People and pets hangout spot.

                                               4.  Entertaining of friends and family.

                                                5.  Major shade(no umbrellas to contend with!).

                                                6.  No pesky bugs.

                                                 7.  Chance to get cool new outdoor furniture.

                                                 8.   Add outdoor dimension while inside.

                                                 9.  Increase value of home.

                                               10.  No pesky bugs.


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