A Pergola, Trellis or Arbor is a Great Place to Marry!

This fall our youngest daughter is getting married at the pergola which we fondly call “The Far Pavilion” after a novel by M.M.Kaye.  This outdoor structure sits at the side of our garden and was in a past life used as a home show model to illustrate what Archadeck could create for our client’s outdoor living spaces.  On a normal day it is a great place to mosey over to and sit with a cold glass of wine to watch the sunset.  The pergola also has an amazing ability for great vine growing  and we have tried various vines but the favorite has been the blue morning-glory vine.  I do not think for the upcoming late September wedding that the morning-glory vine will be the choice but it certainly loves this spot and the pergola.

We are going to do  some sprucing up and landscaping around the pergola; also trying to decide the schematics of the wedding and the reception. This structure’s built out of composite decking, fiberglass columns and tropical hardwood rafters. It does not need much care but likes a good wash and perhaps a little touch up of paint on the columns every few years. A pergola, trellis, arbor or whatever  name you decide to call it is a great addition to the outdoor living.  For much less than the cost for a sun-room, screened porch, gazebo or covered porch you get a lovely destination.

I’ll keep you updated  on “The Far Pavilion” and it’s metamorphosis  into the wedding chapel. Oh, and two pictures of the moon-flower vine on the pergola.  They are spectacular but only open in evening and last one night.  I need to find an afternoon vine or combine the two! 

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