Archadeck Builds All Types of Outdoor Structures. Check Out the Kitty Corral!

We all love our pets and most of us would do just about anything to make them happy. Dogs get all types of structures created for them; even an invisible fence.   Cats are a different breed( pun intended)!  Cats by their nature seem disdainful of fences and can be known to let their curiosity get the better of them. That’s why many cat owners keep their kitties inside and if those kitties are special they might get a kitty condo.  Well, we at Archadeck have done something bigger and better for some very lucky cats.  We have designed and created “a kitty corral.”

Now these special cats already had a make-do sort of structure for outdoor time, but it just wasn’t filling the bill for their outdoor living dream.  It was rundown and did not have the exercise equipment well toned sleek cats need.  Their humans placed a call to us(they were past clients who knew we custom designed and built).  We  set an appointment time to meet with the cats and their humans.  The cats told us their needs and wants and the humans told us the budget.  We went to the drawing board and created two amazing designs for them: returned with our designs and cats and humans agreed on the right one for them.  Check out the following photos of the finished project we call “the kitty corral”!  They even have a polycarbonate roof to keep of damaging UV rays and most especially the rain.  You know how cats hate water!

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