This freestanding screened porch in Greensboro, NC was the perfect fit for these homeowners

Greensboro freestanding porch

This detached screened porch is just what the doctor ordered for these Greensboro homeowners.

It is  always good to hear feedback from our customers. We recently looked into turning this Greensboro homeowners deck into a screened  porch. After careful consideration, it was decided that an attached screen porch  would not be the best fit for these homeowners. We were able to create a screen porch in a detached, freestanding design. Here is a testimonial we received from the homeowners…

“Our back deck, which extends the length of the back of our house, faces East but even though it is in the shade in the afternoon heat builds up on it during the day. We wanted some way to make this area more comfortable and inviting since we had just finished an in-ground pool construction about 20′ across the lawn from the deck. My idea was to “connect” the back of the house to the pool area by building a four-sided screened porch as a jutted out extension of the deck. This would ensure better air circulation since the porch would be away from the house itself. Our roof lines on the back of the house presented a problem anyway, as did two bedroom windows. Connecting a porch to the house was not a possibility.”

Deck before porch

This image shows the deck before we began construction on the screened porch.

“I made a rough sketch and called John at Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad. I know Archadeck has a good reputation. We spent a morning at our kitchen table throwing around ideas and soon came up with a plan.”

Greensboro detached porch

View of backyard upon completion of the detached porch.

“What astonished me was that one man did the construction phase alone with no assistance from another human being. He was part genius and part monkey and I think of him every time I sit out there and look up at his beautiful roof construction. My own design contribution was that the railings around the porch to match others I had done for the breezeway that joins the garage to the house- a combination of Arts and Crafts and Japanese influence.”

“The porch is our living room and gathering spot for friends and neighbors six months of the year. Because it has a deep overhang, it is also a fine place to sit during evening summer showers where we can watch the water run down the rain chains into barrels that store the irrigation water for our garden. It is my favorite room (not) in the house!”

Happy customers Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Another job well done!

Customers like this is what outdoor living design is all about. Paying special attention to the needs and wishes of the homeowner makes all the difference in ending up with a project that fits their individual needs and wants. Contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad to learn more about our custom designed outdoor structures and how they can enrich your outdoor living each and every day. Call for a free consultation: (336) 664 – 1332

See more detached and attached screen porch designs by visiting our screened porches gallery located on our website, it is full of photos from recent projects that are sure to inspire you.

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