Feeling blue? Take a look at our beautiful screened porch ceiling finishes to liven your spirit.

Piedmont Triad elegant screened porch ceiling

This ceiling finish gives you the best of both worlds, lots of detail and a classic beadboard finish.

Screened porches are tops on the list of what Piedmont Triad’ers are building at their homes. A screened porch offers you so many flexible capabilities. It gives you an outdoor room without the hot sun and the insects, plus it gives you the ability to use your screened porch the same as your would an interior room for a majority of the year. Not only does having a screened porch open the door to many functional opportunities, it also enables you to have more choices when it comes to design elements from trim, to kneewall finishing and even wainscoting are possible in a screened porch or screened room. One of the key focal points of a screened porch is the ceiling. Here’s a little taste of what we are using and having a lot of requests for in regards to screened porch ceiling finishes and options.

Piedmont Triad cedar ceilings for screened porches

This screen porch ceiling uses natural cedar.

There is a virtual plethora of options when it comes to ideas for finishing your screened porch ceiling. We are getting a great many requests for beaded plywood, and  vinyl beadboarding. Using beadboard works well because of the traditionalism and classic look. It is clean, simple and charming. Beadboard ceilings also make the perfect backdrop to ceiling fans and skylights. Of course with wooden beadboard it will require maintenance and need a new coat of paint every now and again, but vinyl is low-maintenance and will need little or no painting into the future.

Southern living type porch - blue ceiling

This Southern style porch with the signature blue ceiling, makes you think of lazy afternoons and lots of lemonade.

As blue as the North Carolina sky… it’s a “Southern thang”

Believe it or not, we get a lot of requests to paint the ceilings of our porches and screened porches blue. This is a Southern thing and is said to originate on open porches in an effort to discourage birds and bees from building their nests in the ceiling when it is painted blue. Southern Living recently featured a porch with the ceiling painted blue, “Carolina blue” to be exact. Even if there is no merit behind the reasoning to paint a ceiling blue, it sure does look gorgeous and it’s very soothing.

If rustic is more your style, then wood ceilings such as cedar are a popular choice. The rich, warm tones add a touch of the outdoors indoors and look elegant in the process. If you are opting to leave your screened porch featuring an “open rafter” design this will add to the rustic charm of your space.  We also do a lot of the  western look of large wooden beams that are so stunning you could get lost in them.

Piedmont Triad NC blue porch ceiling

Carolina blue porch ceiling detail

Don’t forget the “creature comforts” that will help you further enjoy your screened room. We can add a ceiling fan, or more to ward off those hot North Carolina afternoons. Installing skylights, such as Velux skylights is a viable option if you desire more light in your screened porch. We also readily install speakers, and electrical outlets within the ceiling for all those accoutrements homeowners desire. Whatever your fancy, we can make it happen.


A rustic touch for this ceiling includes wood and rafters, reminiscent of a mountain lodge.

Contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad to learn more about our screened porches and the many design finishes we offer to truly personalize your screened structure, just in time for the outdoor living season too!

Call for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332 or email us at : piedmonttriad@archadeck.net

You can see more beautiful screened porches, and examples of options we can include in your screened porch design by visiting our screened porches photo gallery located on our website.

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