Winston Salem gazebo taking shape

One of the reasons I love being a builder is watching projects take shape from the first design meeting through to the finishing detail. During the design planning, we listen to the homeowners’ wants and desires and translate those into structures and roof shapes, materials and finishes. When we hear things like “I don’t want to paint and stain every year”, we begin to think about the myriad of synthetic materials that are available and which best fit the homeowners’ aesthetic and functional needs. When we hear things like “We want a bright and airy room”, we begin to think about roof shapes, open gables, room positioning on the house and possibly skylights.

AZEK Morado deck Greensboro Triad NC Archadeck

This deck in Winston Salem is being built with AZEK Morado PVC decking for the ultimate in performance and low maintenance.

This project in Winston Salem’s Buena Vista is just beginning to take shape so you can see how it’s coming together. These homeowners were looking for an elevated gazebo so they could enjoy the view of their backyard while enjoying relief from the sun. They wanted low maintenance materials so they can clean up easily with water or soap and water. Their new deck that also runs under the gazebo is made of AZEK Morado. AZEK is a PVC decking board that has all the performance characteristics of composite decking but in addition will not fade or stain. The Morado color is very popular because of its warm chestnut color.

As this project is in construction, the gazebo and rails are not yet in place. The rails will be powder coated aluminum and the gazebo columns will also be wrapped in a low maintenance material.

One thing you will note from this picture is the varying direction of decking boards. There are a few reasons why we do this. One reason is it adds a great deal of visual interest. In addition, there is a constraint to the length of decking boards. If you close your eyes, you can conjure up a vision of where decking boards are laid end to end leaving an unsightly gap where one board ends and the next begins. A creative solution for abutting boards end to end when one board isn’t long enough is to use what’s called a parting board. You can see a parting board in the forefront of the picture to the right. The parting board separates boards where they would come together in a beautiful and visually interesting way.

2nd story AZEK gazebo Greensboro Winston Salem High Point

This second story gazebo is coming into shape

In this next in-progress picture, you’ll see the way the octagonal structure is coming together. The gazebo shape is carried through on both levels and the gazebo will be situated under the vaulted roof on the second story. In this picture you can also see the beautiful warm chestnut brown color of the AZEK decking.

This project is nearing completion and I look forward to sharing the finished pictures as soon as we’re done.

If you’re considering adding an outdoor living area to your home, give us a call for a free consultation. We’ve been building decks, porches, outdoor rooms, pergolas, gazebos, pergolas and other outdoor living areas in the Greensboro/Winston Salem/High Point area now for over 20 years. That experience goes a long way both in tested and true design ideas and also in giving you confidence that you’re choosing a builder that will still being in business long after the economy improves.

Another important reason to choose Archadeck is our warranty. Not only do we guarantee project completion, we also provide one of the top warranties in the industry. You can read more about our warranty in one of our older posts.

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont TriadGive us a call today for your free consultation at (336) 664 – 1332 or send us an email at

Visit our website for literally hundreds of pictures of our work in the Piedmont Triad area. We look forward to your call.


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