Get ready for the debut of the NC autumn with a covered roof outdoor structure tranformation

Piedmont triad 3-season room with Eze Breeze system

This 3-season room and deck combination structure will allow these homeowners to enjoy each season in style and comfort.

Do you find yourself watching the splendor of Mother Nature from afar? Watching the lovely late summer rain and the golden tinges of color that are beginning along with that evening nip in the air is like watching the fall unfold like a frame-by-frame movie. Homeowners who have no roof on their decks or patios usually find themselves wishing for a roof this time of year to get closer to the seasonal changes occurring in their own back yards. They’re looking for a front row seat to nature. The good news is that in many cases, transforming your deck or patio into a covered porch, screened porch or other covered outdoor space may be a lot more feasible than you may think.

If you already have an open porch or covered patio, we can change it into a 3- or 4-season structure by adding walls and screens. We can also change your existing screened porch into a 3 or 4-season room by adding an Eze-breeze window system. If you already have a screened porch that is tired and a little worse for wear, we can update your space with an Eze-breeze porch enclosure system.

Piedmont Triad 3 and 4 season rooms

By using the Eze-Breeze window system, you have a front row seat to the changing season.

By adding Eze-breeze windows you will get a space that functions like that of a living room rather than an outdoor space. This window system works by turning outdoor spaces into more functional spaces extending the time of use of your outdoor space for additional seasons and weather conditions. Each component is custom-made to fit any space or opening.

Eze-breeze windows are made from attractive, versatile and resilient materials that give you the benefits and transparency of glass enclosures. If a backyard mishap occurs such as a pop fly during that afternoon round of baseball, instead of a shattered window and replacement costs this system will conform back to its original shape within minutes. Ease of operation is another added benefit to the Eze-breeze system because you can choose how much or how little window you want to operate at any given time. your choices can range from full enclosure during those frosty evenings during the late fall, to partial enclosure when you want to feel the breeze. Each porch enclosure system comes with vertical or horizontal slider options offering up to 75% ventilation.

Piedmont Triad screened porches

A screened porch will add function and beauty to your Piedmont Triad backyard lifestyle.

Window enclosures aren’t the only options available for enclosing an open roofed outdoor area. In many cases we can transform your deck into a covered porch if we build the deck with the engineering and load requirements to accommodate a roof. Homeowners who choose us to build their deck will sometimes take advantage of our staged building options. This option enables you to have your project built with additions or improvements in mind for the future so the structural requirements are built in for your transformation. This makes the future changes easy to complete, and easier on your budget when completed in stages. The entire concept of staged building is a win/win situation for all parties involved.

Piedmont Triad open porch

Try an open porch on for size, with our staged building program it is easier than you could imagine.

If you are considering a new deck or patio, and can foresee adding a covered roof structure to the scenario then staged building is definitely the wise choice. If you already have an existing patio or deck that you would like to transform into a screened porch, covered porch or patio or even a 4-season room, contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad. With ingenuity and experience, we can turn your outdoor living dreams into reality.John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Contact us today for free consultation: (336) 664 – 1332

You can see more examples of how to transform your deck or patio into a covered outdoor space by visiting our screened porch gallery, and our 3 and 4 season room gallery located on our website.

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