A screened porch changes the whole dynamic of outdoor living for this High Point, NC family

High Point NC screened porch builder

This new and improved outdoor space in High Point NC includes a screen porch and dry space underneath for added enjoyment.

If you look up the definition for the term “neighbor” it is defined as a person living near or next door to the person referred to. However, if you look up the term “neighborly” it is defined as a characteristic of a good neighbor – kind, helpful and amicable. There is a lot to be said in finding a neighborhood to raise your family in this day and age where it is still okay to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor, or where your neighbor will bring your paper to your door if he/she notices it still on the driveway just as a rain shower approaches. These are the attributes that make a house a home and a neighborhood truly neighborly. Our featured project takes place in one of these types of family communities, where southern hospitality is real and the people who reside there look out for one another.

Our most recently completed outdoor living project is an outdoor space transformation in High Point, NC. We were contacted by this family from a referral through a neighbor whom we completed an outdoor living project for. This neighborhood consists of young families that have developed tight bonds to one another where their children play together, and many of the neighbors have become close friends.

High Point NC custom backyards

Here is a look at the space before we began the transformation.

On our initial consultation, the homeowners expressed the lack of function in their existing space. The space consisted of a deck that was very tiny and received too much sun because it faced south. They really wanted a screened porch space to provide shade and keep the bugs out. They also desired a space large enough to function¬†like a room with a place to dine. And they wanted a space for their children to study and play. The design we came up with takes care of all the homeowner’s needs and even provides more¬†outdoor space with the additional dry space located underneath the 2nd story porch.

We began the project by using the existing footprint of the deck and expanding upon it. The porch is constructed of all pressure treated wood with a wood railing. The floor system is installed on a diagonal for added beauty and interest. The interior of the screened porch features exposed rafters with beadboard which adds a rustic appeal. The interior also includes plenty of electrical outlets and a ceiling fan to help keep the space cool on those balmy North Carolina summer afternoons. We finished the eaves to match the existing home and expanded the concrete patio located under the porch to gain more functional outdoor space.

High Point NC rustic screened porches

The interior of the screened porch features a rustic open rafter design and plenty of creature comforts.

The result is a match made in heaven for these High Point residents. The screened porch provides the perfect amount of outdoor space to enliven their outdoor and indoor living needs and looks original to the existing home. The key to a successful outdoor living project is to not overbuild to accommodate your outdoor living needs. Building an outdoor space that is in line with the dimensions of your home, perimeters of your property and the design integrity of the neighborhood will ensure an appropriate return on investment if and when you sell your home. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad can design the perfect outdoor space to suit your individual structural and design needs and deliver a space that looks and feels original to your existing home.

If you are ready to set the stage in your own backyard for many treasured outdoor living moments that will become tomorrow’s memories, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad to get started. Call us now for a free consultation and begin the journey of making your outdoor living dreams a reality too. (336) 664 – 1332
piedmonttriad@archadeck.netJohn Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

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