A deck and unique gazebo in Colfax, NC that still lets the sun shine in while breathing new life into an old backyard

Colfax NC deck gazebo privacy fence

Our project in Colfax, NC features a stunning open top gazebo and a new and improved deck.

One of the most important things when adding or amending an outdoor space is the ability to transform the space but retain the qualities you find endearing to your existing space. A good example of a project that we changed for the better but still kept the space’s best feature intact was a job we just finished in Colfax, NC.

When the homeowners initially contacted us they had a small existing deck with little refuge from the hot afternoon sun because the backyard was directly in the sun’s path. There were no mature trees to offer shade within the landscape. The homeowners wanted a space that would allow privacy from the neighbors, offer some much needed shade, and give them additional outdoor living space and a place to hang plants. The home has large windows that let in a great deal of sun, and the homeowners biggest worry in transforming their outdoor space was losing the sun these windows provided the home’s interior. With our work cut out for us, we began designing a shade structure that would provide enough shade while still allowing enough sun into the home.


Here is a look at the space prior to beginning the project.

The design we came up with delivers all the elements they were looking for in a simple, yet beautiful project. We extended and redesigned the existing deck to add more functional outdoor space and re-decked the entire area. We also added a stunning open top gazebo into the decks design that gives shade and privacy to the deck without altering a large amount of sun into the home. The gazebo also makes the perfect spot to hang plants, vines and other ornamental plants for visual interest.

Colfax NC deck with pergola privacy screens

Take a look at our design plan for this project

Mallard signature blogIf you currently have an outdoor space that needs a facelift, refurbishment or a complete overhaul, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad. We can design a space that can turn your backyard from boring to beautiful in no time flat. Call us for a free consultation today (336) 664 – 1332 piedmonttriad@archadeck.net

 You can see more backyard transformations by visiting our deck gallery and our pergola and trellis gallery, located on our website.

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