This deck and patio combination in Greensboro, NC proves to be the perfect pair for outdoor living enjoyment

This deck and patio combination serves as the dynamic duo in this Greensboro, NC backyard.

This deck and patio combination serves as the dynamic duo in this Greensboro, NC backyard.

Our focus project this week takes us to the Horse Pen Creek community on Briarwood Rd., in Greensboro. When these homeowners contacted Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad, their existing outdoor space consisted of only a wooden deck which was built in 1991. The homeowners were ready to add spark to their backyard space and felt an updated deck design and patio combination was just the improvement they had in mind!


Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad has been a Winston Salem and Greensboro deck builder since 1991!

Greensboro Huntington of Horse Pen Creek deck and patio combination by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

The new deck is built using low-maintenance AZEK decking.

We began the project by tearing down the existing deck to make way for the new outdoor oasis. The new deck is a bi-level design built from low-maintenance AZEK decking in Sedona with a complimentary tan vinyl railing on the upper deck. The lower level deck is free of railing due to the low-grade design. The choice to leave railings off the lower level of the deck was in part to open up and not impede the view, and it also furthers the tendency of the deck to gently descend into the patio and beautifully landscaped backyard.

Vinyl rail details on AZEK Sedona deck and patio combo. Greensboro NC

Notice the presence of the railing on the upper deck and how the built-in seating an planters help delineate the low portion.

The twin level feature of the new deck allows more room for outdoor relaxation and recreation including custom features such as a pair of built-in custom planters and a custom bench. The custom bench feature provides additional seating which doesn’t interfere with the spacious design of the deck. The planters will allow the homeowners to add seasonal splashes of color on a whim, from the downplayed hues of pansies and mums in the fall to bright additions like geraniums and impatiens in the spring. The planters will provide an opportunity to change the character of the deck and patio throughout the year.

Greensboro low mainteinance outdoor stucture builders

Notice how the bi-level deck flows effortlessly into the patio below.

As part of this outdoor living duo, let us not forget the impact of the patio which adds loads of charm and functional outdoor living space to this Greensboro backyard. The patio is finished with stain and stamp concrete. This patio building medium helps extend the low maintenance characteristics that are already present within the decking. Stain and stamp concrete is beautiful and easy to maintain.

As many design trends will fade from the spotlight over time, one trend that has proven longevity is the outdoor living combination space, such as this deck and patio combination in Greensboro. The attraction towards outdoor living space combinations continues because they are multifunctional and versatile. Combining different structures is a clear way to define separate areas within an outdoor living area as opposed to using one singular space to carry out all your desired functions. An outdoor living space combinations will truly give you the best of both worlds!!

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

If you are interested in learning more about creating a multi-purpose outdoor living area in your own backyard through the combination of two, or maybe even three outdoor structures, contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad today. Our consultation is free, but the impact of our designs on your lifestyle is priceless! (336) 664 – 1332

You can see more examples of deck and patio combinations by visiting our decks photo gallery and our patio and hardscapes photo gallery located on our Archadeck of Piedmont Triad website.


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