Deck railings in the Piedmont Triad are straight, possibly narrow, and anything but plain

AZEK railing detail on new AZEK deck in Summerfield, NC by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

AZEK railing detail on new AZEK deck in Summerfield, NC by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Most safety gear isn’t terribly attractive.  You wear your seatbelt because it keeps you from getting hurt in the event of an accident, not because it looks so good on you.  Luckily, porch railings are a different matter entirely.  They help prevent falls while simultaneously offering a chance to accent and decorate the perimeter of your deck.

Pressure-treated wood is the most economical option.  Traditionally it has been a straight-forward, matched option that was almost a throw-away from a visual perspective.  In recent years however, many more homeowners have been choosing one or more of a variety of available options for giving the common wood railing some flair.  Black pickets are taking off in popularity because of their strength, relative low cost and the way the pickets draw the eye past the railing and into the yard. They offer a sense of openness without compromising safety.

Aluminum and vinyl pickets have a similar look to one another, have long life and they are easy to maintain.  They are especially good choices for families with young children and pets.  It’s very easy to see between them into the yard and splinters aren’t a problem.  They also work really well with gates to keep the kids where you want them.  Pickets are available in a variety of colors, shapes and lengths.  You can easily match them to other areas of your home.

Azek decking with floating bench

Custom features such as this floating bench design make your deck a true outdoor living room.

Depending on local building codes, a full railing may not be required.  Lower-level deck projects may include “natural” railing substitutes like benches, flower boxes or low retaining walls to act as a safety barrier while serving an additional purpose.  Planters can be designed with permanent plantings or have containers that swap out easily to change with the season or your mood.  The extra seating provided by benches is always welcome.  Our customers love the creative options available for improving the flow of their outdoor living spaces with a combination of open transitions, natural barriers and traditional railings.

If you have a parking or other area in your yard that you would prefer not to look at, the railing can be designed to shield that area from view while emphasizing your garden, firepit, a path or some other feature you enjoy more.  You can get really clever with the design of the railing and make that structure itself a design feature if you like.  Railings don’t have to be vertical slats.

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Archadeck of Piedmont Triad is the region’s expert in designing and building outdoor living spaces.  Call any time for a free consultation.  We can show you dozens of ways to create a safe, beautiful area that will increase your enjoyment and use of your yard.  We make railings that look so good you will forget their primary purpose is protection. Give us a call at  Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad today. We can help you plan, design, and build a space to suit your needs and desires. Call for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332 or send us an email


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