Winter is the perfect time to build your new Piedmont Triad screened porch or deck

Bees are buzzing, birds are humming, grass is greening up, perfect time to build that new deck right? Well, not necessarily. While it might sound great to commission your new screened porch when you get that first bout of spring fever next year, it might make a lot more sense to get started quite a bit earlier. Here’s why.

Will it be done on time?

When we’re ordering a wedding dress or other custom item, we go into it knowing that it will take some amount of time for the dress to come in after the final selection and fitting. We easily figure that it could be a couple months and we know we need to make that decision at least 6 months out. Now consider making a decision to add a porch or deck on our homes. This requires design, measurements, ordering materials, getting on the docket, building it and the inspection before completion. While this could take as long as ordering a wedding dress, it can often be done in just a couple months. It could be 2, 3 or 4 months mostly depending on our backlog. We build throughout the year but are busiest in spring, summer, and fall.

Take a look at this screened porch and note it's being built in the winter here in the Piedmont Triad

Take a look at this screened porch and note it’s being built in the winter here in the Piedmont Triad

Hence, winter! Winter is a fabulous time to build or commission your new outdoor project! That gives your project time to get on the docket and get built before the spring rush. Often people who contract their new outdoor project in the spring don’t realize that they could have started building or at least commissioned their project in the winter so it was ready as soon as the spring birds started chirping.

Are you getting a price as good as the price if you commissioned 3 months before? 

Just like anything else, building material prices have annual price increases. Those price increases hit at the first of the new year which is around the time many Piedmont Triad customers decide they are ready to build. Are these price increases substantial? It depends. It depends on a lot of different factors. But, even if materials increase a couple percent, that could be a substantial amount on a large project such as a deck or porch. What about if you contract your new project in November or December knowing you want to start building at the new year? That’s a great decision and in fact you will lock in those prices.


John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

Do you want your new backyard space ready for spring 2015? Give us a call now to start the discussion. Our consultation is free and we are looking forward to your call.


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