Top 7 reasons your Piedmont Triad screened porch will be your new favorite room in the house

Vaulted Ceiling Sunroom in Winston Salem, NC by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

C’mon inside and stay a long while!

One of the most common and most gratifying things we hear from our customers is that their screened porch has become their favorite room in the house. As a business owner, it’s nice to have customers reach out after the fact just to let you know how much they love their new space.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers are so passionate about their Piedmont Triad screened porches:

1) Refreshing breezes. Screens on 3 sides of a room give you wonderful airflow and a ceiling fan can fill in when Mother Nature falls short.

2) Masters of the house. Let’s face it: many of us are really just servants trying to please the real kings of the house: our beloved pets. It’s not always safe, appropriate or comfortable for our cats/dogs/birds to be outside, but a screened porch is the next best thing. Most of them pick a spot (or a sunbeam) in the first few days after the grand opening and make it their own for good.

3) Eating al fresco. Perhaps it goes back to our Paleo roots, but many of us love cooking with fire and eating outside. The porch makes it possible and practical to do almost any night of the year.

4) Bugs. This probably could have been numbers 1-4. Keep in mind that Archadeck can also screen under your porch to keep almost every unwanted insect out of your space.

5) Guests. It’s safe to say that not all of your guests will be lucky enough to have a screened porch of their own. What a treat to get to share yours with them! But, don’t be surprised if people start angling for invitations to your house.

6) Rainstorms. There is something magical about feeling like you are part of a fierce and powerful storm while remaining safe and dry.

7) Everything but the kitchen sink. Today’s screened porches do a terrific job of keeping out the weather so that you can easily wire them with lights, speakers or television screens. You can include seating for conversation or dining. We can build a vented or ventless fireplace to burn gas or logs, depending on your preference. The custom screened porch you help design can be almost anything you want it to be and it will certainly be a top candidate for Favorite Room in your house.

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont TriadIf you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can turn your house into a home, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad. Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332,


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