Eze-Breeze makes all seasons warm and wonderful

It unsettles just about everyone when they see candy corn and pumpkins for sale at the grocery store in August. While I sympathise with that sentiment, I also work in an industry that is always selling at least one season ahead. If you call Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad now, we will, depending on what kind of outdoor living space you desire, be finishing your project in the fall or winter.

2010 fall, cats, sunsets and SNOW-008Thinking ahead isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Each year during the dog days of summer, I start to daydream a little about my favorite parts of the cooler months on one of our Winston-Salem all-season porches. During the fall, they are the perfect place to watch the leaves change color and find the rhythm of the season. Will this be a quick-change foliage year, or will it draw out over weeks? Which leaves turn first? The pear’s or the maple’s? Grab a drink, put on your favorite music and ponder these important life questions from a comfortable chair.

When you are feeling a little less quiet and introspective, a porch makes the perfect bonus room for all kinds of fall social events. It can be the place where your guests retreat to cool off when things get a warm inside during a party or tailgater. It’s an ideal spot for setting out coolers or setting up a bar. When you put the drinks on the porch, they stay cool with less need for ice and you take away some of the population pressure from the kitchen. Having one or more ceiling fans out there really helps to keep the temperature comfortable as guests move in and out.

Lewisville NC Eze Breeze vinyl window sunroomHave you ever tried a family game night or movie night out on the porch? It’s amazing how just stepping outside of the main house makes the event seem like an outing. If your porch has Eze-Breeze fully closable vinyl windows installed, it’s a snap to go from screened porch to sealed porch. You still get the light and the view and you will keep much of the indoor heat as well. Fire up your space heater or get your fireplace going and start discussing who remembers the difference between “Hearts” and “Spades.”

If you are like us, you have more Christmas ornaments than can reasonably be put up on one tree. We solved that problem a few years ago by adding a smaller, second tree out on the porch. The porch tree still has an affinity for its brethren nearby in the yard. It’s also fun to do some of our holiday preparations out there like drinking hot cocoa or cider while stringing popcorn for the tree garland. On the porch, you get that little nip of cold that reminds you that it’s winter, but never forget that you are lucky enough to have a warm, wonderful home.

John Mallard, owner of Archadeck of the Piedmont TriadIf you are interested in learning about how our quality built structures can transform the look of your home, contact Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad. Call us today for a free consultation (336) 664 – 1332, piedmonttriad@archadeck.net.


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