Eze-Breeze Windows Aid in Keeping the Mosquitos Out

When the warm weather returns each year, we Southerners go through a sort of emotional roller coaster ride. The welcome song of birds,b utterflies flitting around over flowers, the hum of lawn mowers, and the tantalizing aromas of summer barbeques fill the air with a cheerful smile and make the cold, rainy winter seem like a long-distant memory. Suddenly summer heats up you find yourself dripping with perspiration,  gnats buzzing around your face and mosquitoes biting your ankles.  This year with the spread of the Zika virus folks want to be safe as possible from those mosquito bites. With  all the rain we  already has fallen it is certainly wise to be mindful. There also might be a long trail of ants occupying your deck rail or your porch floor. If you leave the back door to your porch or house  open to get the cooling breeze , you get annoying flies buzzing inside your home.

Sound familiar? W ell, just imagine a simple, handsome and cost-effective solution that would allow you to maximize your comfort, your convenience and your freedom all the while adding significant value to your home.

beautifully decorated screened porch Winston Salem NC

Gable roof porch with eze-breeze windows and trapezoid gable windows

What is an Enclosure System and what are the benefits of having one in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina

You can enclose your patio, porch or deck with the revolutionary PGT eze-breeze enclosure system from Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad  This is an attractive, customizable, breathable structure framed in heavy-duty extruded aluminum that will transform one of these open, yet vulnerable areas of your home into the most cherished part of your dwelling. Enjoy nature’s beauty without being subjected to rain, harsh sun, pollen, or irritating insects!  PGT eze-breeze enclosure systems come with windows and screens in a variety of options, allowing you to make your new oasis as open or as enclosed as you desire.

Extruded Aluminum System

This sturdy framework is composed of custom, made-to-order components that allow you to enclose your patio, porch or deck easily and affordably. The extruded aluminum is corrosion resistant, with sliding panels that securely latch into place. No longer will your enjoyment of the outdoors be dictated by the weather or restricted by bugs or pollen. The professionals at Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad help you design the patio enclosure of your dreams, built directly onto your existing patio, porch, deck orwe will design and create a new room addition.

Interior of three season room in Greenbrier Farm by Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad

White eze-breeze windows on elevated former screen porch


Windows and Screens

Using strong, 10-mil vinyl glazing for the enclosure windows provides all the benefits of glass without the high cost, heavy weight, or fragility. The vinyl can be tinted to a variety of heat and light-reducing shades, including dark gray and bronze. Additionally, the vinyl has a memory, meaning if it is unintentionally pushed or distorted, it will return to its original shape.

The PGT eze-breeze system ventilate from the top to the bottom, allowing three-quarters of the window area to open with the screens in place when you desire maximum outdoor air. They close effortlessly to keep inclement weather where it belongs – outside. When the Spring and Summer months arrive, tinted vinyl-glazed panels help to reduce solar heat gain. Add a portable heater and folks can enjoy most of the sunny Winter days in comfort.

Isn’t It Time?

Lewisville NC Eze Breeze vinyl window sunroom

Enjoy winter too from your eze-breeze window room

Isn’t it about time you started enjoying more of your home space? With the PGT eze-breeze system you can enclose your patio, porch,or deck,  and create what is virtually a new room addition to your home, with the unique versatility of being both a private retreat, open to the wonder  of nature and a secure shelter from harsh weather, invasive insects, and pollen.

Contact us at Archadeck for information and free design consultation on the design and installation of your beautiful new eze-breeze window room in your home soon.  Visit Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad to view some fabulous examples of our work   Call us at 336-664-1332 or email us piedmonttriad@archadeck.net






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