Innovative ways to add coziness and warmth to your EZE-Breeze three season room

Lewisville NC Eze Breeze vinyl window sunroomOne thing you can be certain of here in the Piedmont Triad is the changing seasons. As the temperatures and fall leaves begin to drop, so often does our ability to enjoy our beloved outdoor rooms, such as 3-season porch, 4-season room or Eze Breeze porch enclosure.  Our mild NC winters often afford us the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor room well into the winter months. Whether it is an unseasonably warm autumn, or the occasional “indian summer,” Mother Nature sometimes bestows these good fortunes upon us.

When frigid temperatures do begin to affect our region, Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad wants you to know that you don’t have to stop enjoying your 3 or 4-season outdoor room, there are plenty of ways to keep your space warm and toasty when winter comes to call.

Outdoor fireplace in screened porchAdding a fireplace as part of your initial build is a terrific way to inject ambiance and real warmth into the space. Whether it’s wood burning or gas, you can enjoy the cooler weather with the  heat it provides. It may even possible to add a fireplace to an already existing 3 or 4-season room as well. A fireplace brings instant atmosphere and makes the perfect spot to enjoy marshmallows and hot chocolate.


Yes, this is a space heater!

If budgets are tight or space does not allow, gorgeous outdoor space heaters give you the vibe of an outdoor fireplace with a smaller footprint and designer appeal. You can choose electric or gas to get the job done and add plenty of interest. These affordable heaters come in all shapes, sizes and styles—from traditional to contemporary—to fit any taste or style. These are available as floor standing models and tabletop . Some are even ingeniously disguised to look like a lamp if you are worried about aesthetics. The key is to select one that rated for outdoor use and specially designed to use in a covered area such as a porch.

custom-wall-mounted-infrared-patio-heaters-ideasInfrared electric heaters can be mounted onto the ceiling or wall of an outdoor space or room, so they are up and out-of-the-way and push heat down into an open space. You may have noticed these in outdoor restaurant patios in colder temps, but these are now available for residential use, too. They work by using light to directly heat people  within the space instead of heating the air itself.  Instead of wasting money heating the entire area, infrared heaters simply warm those sitting near them. When strategically placed, they are economical and efficient.

Don’t let Old Man Winter ruin your love for outdoor living. There are many heating options on the market today to enable the continued enjoyment of your outdoor room, come snow or sunshine!

For more ideas on utilizing your outdoor or convertible room  to enjoy year-round, comfort contact Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad today at (336) 664 – 1332,  or via email at




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